What if you could bluff in Chess?

SecretChess reinvents the classic game of Chess by adding an element of surprise. As your opponent makes a move you will see the piece they have moved, but not its actual location. The location remains a mystery until you have completed your move.

Once you have made your move the location of your opponent’s piece will be revealed and they will be faced with the same dilemma.

Sounds exciting? It is! SecretChess introduces the game-theory concept of decision making with partial information. Making a move without knowing the location of the opposing piece means you will be estimating, betting and bluffing with every move you make.

If you attempt to make a move that violates the rules of Chess you will be asked to make a different move. When in check your king will be adorned with a red aura. These situations may reveal some information about your opponent’s last move which is another side of SecretChess.

The game offers real-time play with a friend as well as turn-by-turn correspondence play.

Be the next SecretChess Master.